高速ダイカット付仕上機 GC-330DSF(High-speed die-cut finishing machine)

GC-330DSF 高速ダイカット付仕上機(High-speed die-cut finishing machine)

特長 Features






It’s a system for punching,label migration and performing slits.

It is possible to detect and stop label omission, residue residue, and red tape.

It is possible to install an inspection system according to your request.

From processing to inspection,re-sticking defective  product, slit and small winding finishing are completed in one process.

仕様 Specification

型式(Model GC-330DSF
基材幅(Base material width 330mm MAX
巻出径(Unwinding diameter 650mm MAX
巻出コア内径(Unwinding core inner diameter 3inch
巻取径(Roll diameter 400mm MAX
巻取コア内径(Winding core inner diameter) 1inch、∅40、∅45、3inch
最小スリット幅(Minimum slit width 10mm
ライン速度(Line speed 150mpm MAX
電源(Power source 三相(Three phases)200V 50/60Hz 4P
標準装備(Standard equipment ダイカットユニット(Die cutting unit
ラベル移行装置(Label migration device

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